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You Have To Look With Your Heart



God Doesn't Sleep

Many years ago a deaf lady told me about when her child was a baby. She had no flashing light to tell her when the baby was crying. What did she do? She tied a string around her baby's foot. Then she put the string down the hall and into her bedroom. Finally, she tied the string around her own hand.
During the night when the baby cried and moved, the string moved, too. This woke up the mother. Sometimes the baby would move and not be crying. But the mother would get up and make sure that her baby was okay. What a great example of a parent's love!
God loves us even more than our parents do. Our Bible Reading says that God doesn't sleep. He is always ready to protect us. Another verse tells us that God even knows the number of hairs on our head (Matthew 10:6). Wow! God really cares about each one of us. He is always willing to love and help us.
Take time today to think about the many ways God takes care of you. Thank Him for His protection


They Say I'm Deaf, written by Saul Kessler

They say I'm deaf,
These folks who call me friend.
They do not comprehend.
They say I'm deaf,
They look at me as queer,
Because I cannot hear.
They say I'm deaf,
I, who hear all day
My throbbing heart at play,
The song the sunset sings,
The joy of pretty things.
The smiles that greet my eye,
Two lovers passing by.
A brook, a tree, a bird;
Who says I have not heard?
Aye, tho' it must seem odd,
At night I oft hear God.
So many kinds I get,
Of happy songs, and yet.
They say I'm deaf!